The International Circle of Friends Association Wolfsburg

Internationaler Freundeskreis Wolfsburg e.V. – The International Circle of Friends Association Wolfsburg

An organization for people of all nations, cultures and religions that are committed to integration, equality and intercultural exchange in order to promote and encourage tolerance and understanding of one another. There are many interesting topics, ideas and information for WOBpatriates who are attracted to this kind of exchange.
The International Circle of Friends Wolfsburg was founded in the spring of 2006 by local citizens and the City of Wolfsburg. The goal was to reinforce and develop Wolfsburg’s image and reputation as an open, tolerant and forward-looking city.
The Association supports the City of Wolfsburg in its efforts to maintain and expand its sister city relationships along with other existing and future international initiatives. Our aim is to contribute to peaceful and harmonious coexistence between German and foreign citizens in Wolfsburg as well as towards international understanding. Particular emphasis is placed on the promotion of activities in the areas of youth affairs, education and sport.
In addition, the International Circle of Friends Wolfsburg organizes lectures and discussion evenings on current international topics, as well as musical and social events. Regular members’ events are also held. An important factor within the association is the “Young Friends”. With their “younger” programme they make up an important part of the larger community.
By networking with key individuals and internationally oriented institutions in Wolfsburg we are able to achieve a high level of interaction and cooperation.

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Internationaler Freundeskreis Wolfsburg e.V.
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Porschestraße 49
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Photo: © WMG Wolfsburg, Thomas Knüppel